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Beyond the contributions achieved by research, management education has developed programs that facilitate nourishment of much needed entrepreneurial ventures and programs such as incubators that facilitate help for new business ideas and technologies.
There is an obvious and symbolic relationship between business and society that has continued to exist from the very beginning of evolution of us, the humans.
The aspects of relationship of business and society are well evident and known to everyone and the fact that Society depends on business for creation of sustainable of wealth creation.
The benefits that an MBA degree can derive for a person are wide in range and are multidimensional. They include better starting salaries, better position in hierarchy of the organization, more credibility and a better respectful status.
Management education has wide range of impacts on each of individuals, Organizations and society. Management education directly influences the effectiveness of organizations in ways beyond the critical role graduates play in an organization.
Management education has leveraged its positive impacts on each of Society, organization and individuals.
Management education introduces students to a broader perspective about the role of individuals in growth of business and society, which is quite evident.
Management education is the pathway for graduates in any field to attain a life-long benefits portfolio that provides various sorts of benefits including economic, respect and social status etc.
An important impact of proper management education on Individuals is that Management education produces well-rounded graduates who can help strengthen the Connection between business and society .
Management is the activity of getting things done with the aid of people and other resources including money, tangible and intangible assets etc.