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General education is about imparting fundamental understanding of things that happen usually to us in our society.
General education is a must for everyone today. In the world developing so rapidly, the concept of liberal education has a lot of obstacles to face up with and get associated with.
The importance of highly specialized scientific and technical education is also well recognized and can not be ignored.
The importance of highly specialized scientific and technical education is well recognized In the modern world as it creates technically efficient and capable technocrats.
The formal definition of general education or liberal education focuses on development of cognitive skills within the students.
A fundamental question regarding general education is that if it deserves support in the developing world, or is it just a luxury for the wealthy countries.
The Government of India has provided full political and economical support and substantial public funds to create and establish India as one of the world’s largest systems of higher education.
There is for sure a need for millions of actions and factors on the ground for the scenario of positive economic transformation to become a reality.
We are living in times of rapid changes. These changes are often unpredictable And they are not always necessarily positive and may be proved to be negative or even destructive.
Proper Education must include the measures for attainment of mastery in more than one language and the ability to communicate effectively in all those languages known to the person.