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One Year full time MBA is High–paced Program that shortened by Reducing the time in core classes or limiting the opportunities to specialize. The Program lasts 11- to 16-months and there are Lots of Strict prerequisites applied in the program that limits Opportunities to specialize on an aspect With Internships etc.
MBA Courses are various types In terms of mode of learning Time Span Required for completing them. They include Full Time MBA programs, Part time MBA, Executive MBA, Distance learning Mba, online MBA and Joint or Dual MBA.
There are various factors that must be kept in mind in order to find out the most Suitable MBA course for oneself as the choices are a lot and the person generally has some constraints to work within regarding time or Responsibilities etc.
MBA is widespread and very important in Today’s World for any person willing to raise high in His/Her field and join as a higher Position managerial person in order to get more value, rewards in terms of finances and respect. There are lots of Specializations in MBA that a person can choose from depending on His/her Interests.
Banking is one of the most important career choices for students because of its high status career, Good Salaries and security. Though it may appear at first that Bank jobs are meant only for commerce or economics students.
Increasing Bank recruitment to satisfy working personnel requirements in the Banking sector (Public and private sector) in the recent years has grabbed the interest of lakhs of candidates that want a satisfying Bank PO or Clerical job.
Reasoning questions are a main part of the Bank Exams and can be very scoring if prepared properly. Some facts to be kept in mind while attempting reasoning ability part in the Bank Exams.
Bank exams, be it for clerical or Bank PO, are not as difficult as people might think them to be. But the problem is the vacancies to number of applicants’ ratio, which is normally very low.
Every candidate taking up the Bank exams is Lot more concerned about Negative marks. These are awarded for every wrong answers marked in the answer sheet.
Before getting into any desired field such as Bank jobs, it is required to gain knowledge about the work profile of that Specific Job.