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Angelica Rose, a gifted national training specialist and spiritual teacher since 1984 specializes in deeper relaxation for those mastering higher conscious living, communication/listening skills, relationship selling, and creative marketing.

She has done extensive research in relationship based business and higher consciousness and has become an expert in the field of personal and business relationship enhancement. From Angelica's experience and research, she has come up with proven techniques and formulas.

Angelica's Unique Buying Advantage is the balance she has with her expertise in the business world coupled with her education and experience in human relations. Her experience includes being a former Dale Carnegie Consultant and has media expertise in a variety of areas such as, broadcasting an educational radio show, producing, 'The Entrepreneurial Television Show,' publishing educational articles in a variety of national publications, being a guest on KIRO Television, 'Merissa at 9,' and numerous national radio shows and being interviewed on a variety of national magazines.

Angelica is the author of the following products which you can find more information on the product section of this website:

Living Life as You Always Dreamed (ISBN 0963930419)
15 Minutes Revitalization (ISBN 0963930427)
Inspirations-40 inspirational messages with pictorials on software
Bumper Stickers
Secrets To Running A Successful Business (ISBN 0963930400)


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Secrets To Running A Successful Business (ISBN 0963930400)
Illustrates many of the effective methods used in today's business world as a leader.
* Easy to read format
* Covers the facets to increase success & avoid costly mistakes
* Action guide, getting direct results on what is taught
* Proven success formulas used by millions
$15.95 with quantity discounts; shipping $3.50

Living Life as You Always Dreamed (ISBN 0963930419)
In reading this book, you'll learn to identify, minimize and even eliminate the distractions that divert you from living a productive life. Angelica defines distractions as insecurities, fears, or self-induced limitations.

Distractions are self-destructive. The ability to recognize your distractions, to evolve through self-awareness, and the process of letting go, will enable you to approach life and relationships in a more balanced and loving way. It all begins with you becoming a self-directed leader, as Angelica defines.

In Reading this book you will gain:
* Live a more fulfilling and peaceful life
* Handle stressful and non-positive situations with more ease
* Improve decision making skills
* Learn to communicate 'with each other' rather than 'at each other'
* Build self respect and self confidence
* Improve listening skills
* Improve relationships
* Become more self motivated
$14.95 with quantity discounts; shipping $3.50.

15 Minutes Revitalization (ISBN 0963930427)
A guided meditation CD to relax and enhance clarity and direction.
* Relax in only 15 minutes with tested successful results
* Guided meditation with piano music in the background
$14.95 with quantity discounts; shipping $1.00.

Inspirations are 40 inspirational messages with pictorials, shown daily on the computer.
* New message daily or switch to any of the 40 messages
Easy to install on an IBM or compatible computer with windows
CD $17.00 with quantity discounts; shipping $1.00.

Bumper Stickers:
"What You Believe, You Perceive And Eventually You Receive," "Believe Peace" and "Think GOD Feel GOD"
$1..00 each with quantity discounts; shipping $.75.

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Angelica I attended the service last Sunday at the Spiritual Awareness Community and it was such a powerful meditation that I wanted to send you a special thanks. I was planning to speak to you for a minute after the service, but you were busy receiving others. So, here is your appreciation in arrears, and I hope you return to our area sometime in the future! Blessings, Victoria Swanson Bend, OR July 30, 2008

Angelica is a true professional and her presentation was informative as well as entertaining and should not be missed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to fellow associates and business alike. Dean Cole WAMB

Angelica's style of speaking exemplifies a positive attitude that gives participants the opportunity to relax, interact in a playful way and enhance skill development. Ron Adams Marylhurst University

Angelica was inspiring, motivating, and her ability to bring the group together provided the opportunity to interact between each other professionally and have fun doing it. Linda Bures Washington Association of Student Employment Administrators

Some of Angelica's Individual Session Testimonials:

"I like and appreciate your teachings. During your first mediation class, for the first time I felt a deeper sense of peace in 60 plus years; after a few of your phone sessions, I am now breathing better, cut down on sweets, take walks, feel more vibrant and alive." Bruce B.

There was this pinpoint of golden light from Angelica's eyes to my eyes. Back & forth balance came. Angie

Thank you. You got it.-Jeff Michalski

"I feel really great about my connection with you. thank you for the very powerful gifts! It was just what was needed for me to shift gears!" - Patricia Sena (artist)

Would you like to have more inner peace, love, joy, and greater prosperity? Would you like to attain better relationships, enhance personal fulfillment and achieve goals more effectively? This article is based on the book, Living life as you always dreamed. Learn tools to develop healthier relationships, greater fulfillment and inner peace.
We all want to find a peaceful journey on our path in life, including an abundance of unconditional love and joy. It is easy to practice peacefulness when we are on vacation or in a nature environment. The challenges occur when we are surrounded by outside circumstances that seem unjust, unloving and unfair. This is the time our peaceful journey tends to be shaken where chaos can occur both internally and externally. This article discusses how to create a peaceful path in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle.
A high self-worth is important for having the courage to leave an existing job that is no longer suitable for your personal and professional growth. A low or negative self-image will not allow a person to reach their full potential and in most cases, is the root of many self-destructive habits. A high self-image, on the other hand, can give a person a more productive and satisfying life. This article discusses how to build your self worth and the steps to making effective career choices.
The Four areas in running a successful business are financial/accounting, sales/marketing, and personnel development and customer service. Most small businesses are on a tight budget and therefore have difficulty contracting work out. You can overcome this difficulty with effective planning and decision making on where and how to spend your money. This article discusses the steps to take in your selection process when delegating work out, and gives you guidelines on effective planning and decision making.