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freelance writer, content writer, novel ghost writer and musician.

It is hard enough getting enough energy, both in fuel and physically, to get to a government department, and harder still to get any help from those departments!
A humorous look at relationships... Falling in love does not have to mean closing our eyes... love or infatuation? Your inner vision will guide you, so keep your inner eyes open...
Two stories that inspired me and I wish to share with my fellow human beings. When the challenges of life seem to be closing in, God always sends our way clues to overcome them... it is up to us what we do with them.
Gone are the days of alsorans and mee-too ads. Times call for authentic dialogue between advertiser and their target audience based on truth about their product with ad copy that feels the consumer's needs and respects their intellect and higher-than-ever awareness of good advertising and what they want.