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An independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network that transmits on Nilesat and Hotbird from its temporary offices in Lebanon . Alsumaria was established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004. It includes a solid staff of 300 employees in Iraq and 150 in Lebanon . In a span of two years, Alsumaria has managed to become one of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq .

We strongly believe in a unified Iraq and continuously strive to be neutral and at the same distance with all Iraqis regardless of their political or religious backgrounds. Alsumaria TV wants to show the world that Iraq isn't a country where everyday people suffer and die, but rather a place where people live, work, get married and struggle to lead long and normal existence.

We are here to cover a country in its plight for peace.

President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Al Barzani assured, on Monday, that Kurds may no longer play the mediator role in solving Iraq’s issues. Barazani added that bases upon which the current government was formed are not being respected. The current
Iraqi Interior Ministry announced, on Monday, that 16 of Vice-President Tarek Al Hashemi’s bodyguards were arrested for assassinating officers and judicial investigators with silenced weapons. “Security forces in Interior Ministry arrested 16 of
Iraqiya List headed by Iyad Allawi decided, on Sunday, to resume its participation in parliamentary sessions. The list postponed its ministers’ return to cabinet sessions demanding to end armed provocations against citizens as well as Iraqiya’s members,
Twenty-two people were murdered on Saturday in suspected drug related crimes around Mexico. Gunmen opened fire and killed five people at a birthday party in Tijuana near the US borders. Meanwhile, four prisoners were killed in a jail in Chihuahua State,
Iraqi Justice Ministry announced, on Friday, that Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in the former regime Hikmat Al Azawi died when he was being transferred to hospital from prison for treatment. “Deputy Prime Minister and Finance
A US helicopter made an emergency landing in Haifa Street central Baghdad, an Iraqi police source revealed on Friday indicating that, following the incident, another US helicopter landed and evacuated it. “A US helicopter made an emergency landing,
Iraqi Sadr Movement leader Cleric Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr announced, on Thursday, that he refuses to participate in the upcoming National Conference considering Al Hawza as mightily and superior. “It is not my business to attend such congresses,”
United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay criticized Iraq, on Tuesday, for imposing a large number of executions including 34 cases in one single day. Pillay expressed her concern about due process and fairness of trials, and called
Baghdad Secretary Saber Al Issawi announced, on Thursday, that Baghdad Secretariat’s share in 2012’s budget isn’t at the level of ambitions arguing that these allocations are half Basra’s budget this year. During past years, Baghdad Secretariat has been
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki renewed, on Tuesday, attacks against his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan following Turkish Prime Minister’s latest statements on Iraq. Maliki regarded Erdogan’s statements as provocative to all Iraqis and