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Edwin Brown is a self employed specialist in the field of plaster and drywall repair and renovation.  He has worked for 40 years on the west coast of the US.  His website is loaded with mostly free information for the motivated homeowner who wants to save money by doing his own plaster/drywall repair and upgrading.

He offers a free email plaster repair course.

To smooth out rough walls using skim coat, it helps greatly to have a tried and true system to make the job go well and minimize frustration and mess. A brief discussion of materials and tools, and 7 basic steps to follow.
Ugly or damaged plaster really detracts from the appearance of a home interior. The good news is, you can - with some basic instruction- repair and renovate your plaster yourself. Here are some guidelines to help you.
Inventing and applying your own wall or ceiling textures can be a gratifying way to upgrade the look of your old plaster home interior. This is a project made to order for the motivated homeowner. Here are some ideas to get you going.