Amoraea dreamseed wisdom on the lightbody and dna activation

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It is important to understand that physical matter is the extension or creation of much higher refined substance composed of vibrations far faster than material world... these vibrations are Thoughtforms or ideas woven from the Divine mind of Creation with threads and filaments of Light.

The Lightbody is generated by your Oversoul, and from the Lightbody is generated the physical body translation that can interact in this dimension with common agreed upon rules of form regulation so that we can all interact in a holographic matrix.

The Lightbody holds and translates the codes (script, Patterns, geometries) from an even higher aspect of you beyond form - it is the interface of your pure consciousness with the physical world, and is what opens the door for DNA Activation. Amoraea's Visionary art and healing music are complimentary light and sound emanations that begin to awaken these states. Amoraea's Visionary Art and Healing Music are also direct ways in which to access these qualities.

Lightbody The program is that it holds the sustained immortal essence of your soul in a form that can travel from life to life, dimension to dimension without losing its memory. That means it is an unbroken evolving intelligent lightform that is individuated but is aware of and interactive with all other levels of creation. It can merge and receive/share information with any other being (whether a human, animal, star, angel, planet).

Visionary art This holds the intelligence, codes, signature of who we are on all levels combined into a hyperresonant structure. Since it holds the information of who we are on every level of creation, it is also our vehicle to travel to other levels of creation and know ourselves in those dimensions.

On some level we may say that there is no traveling, there is only focusing and localizing our consciousness into a different spacetime continuum or bandwidth. So the practice of activating the is the practice of become aware of multiple aspects of our self simultaneously.

Our Divine Human Blueprint holds the qualities of perfection, virtues, purity, absolute quintessential essence, OUTSIDE of karma and spacetime. Our Divine Human Blueprint is what distills the Lightbody into an etheric form.

There is now an emphasis ALL-ways on both personal and planetary clearing and activation... this is because one of the primary directives right now is the globalization of consciousness. Recognizing ourselves as a seamless inseparable whole in which all personal evolution is simultaneously done for the collective. We are entering an ALLIANCE... when looking at Amoraea's Visionary art, one will see this emphasis on collective group consciousness and ceremonial living. Also, when hearing his healing music, there is a direct bridge into the World Soulor collective consciousness.

The Divine Human Blueprint and Lightbody are about service - we enter these higher dimensional fields and larger and larger mantles, so that our consciousness scopes beyond the personal and more and more yokes into the transpersonal / collective service ship. Many of us are finding our unique gifts and purpose of how to contribute to this collective awakening. Mediums like Visionary Art, healing music, yoga, tantra, and mantras are direct ways of accessing, sharing, and bringing forth DNA Activation
Through Amoraea's radionic/quantum imbedding of higher harmonics, cosmic vibrations, and sound geometries, these healing music CD's are catalytically loaded with frequencies specific to ‘Ensouling' one's Human Nature.

Listen with your Whole Being ! Music has been important part of the healing process. Healing music has been used for years to create change. One of the greatest things about healing music is, it helps people ignite the soul with high truths and open doors of illumination. The nature of Amoraea's healing music is based on true spiritual experiences.

Amoraea's healing music soundtracks are utilized widely across the World by various Healing Arts Therapists, Yoga and Meditation teachers, Healing and Wellness Centers, and Metaphysical Stores.
DNA Activation Unified Field Science - when we recognize, attune, and consciously engage our Divine Human Blueprint and the correlating Lightbody and Torus Fields, we are connecting the circuitry of the personal with the planetary and cosmic laws of creation. We naturally become an ambassador of Peace and open up to DNA Activation

Our Enlightened Field:
1) dictates our selfless actions, which the universe all-ways supports
2) provides us with unlimited energy, thus we are self-sustained and are not playing out any emotional/mental programs that are feeding off the energy of others
3) We live from Grace and become a dispensation of Grace as we are synchronically aligned with the Divine Mind and Will of God
4) We become less and less personal and more and more centered in transpersonal / universal consciousness
5) Life organizes itself effortlessly around our selfless desires because our electromagnetic field is strong and aligned with global and universal harmonization
6) The DHB sources our unique Soul gifts and qualities, which are tied into our mission to incarnate at this time
7) nourishes the world as we are living at higher vibrational rate and increased pranic/chi flow
8) the universe serves those who serve higher paradigms that benefit all - activating these aspects of our self is on every level Self-Serving!

This is Paul McCartney as a story writer about DNA Activation, Healing music, Visionary art, Lightbody. This will be very helpful for other, who wants to visit

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