What You Need to Know to Hang Wall Picture Frames

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Now that you have your photo and picture frame all ready it's time for the important job of hanging your picture frame. Hanging a picture isn't difficult, but there are a few steps to take before you begin. This article will explain the different ways to hang your picture frame and provide tips to help you hang your frame more easily.

Three Different Ways to Hang Your Picture Frame
There are three main ways to hang picture frames: nails, screws and adhesives.

1) Nails
The most common way to hang photo frames is with finishing nails. Finishing nails are easy to install and won't create a large hole in your wall- if you use a small nail. Hammer the nail in at a 45 degree angle and, if possible, into a stud. If you're hanging heavy or large photo frames, it's important to put the nail in a stud. Don't take a chance of damaging your picture frame, or your sheetrock, by hammering your nail directly into sheetrock that won't hold the weight of your picture frame. If you don't know how to locate a wall stud, the best way is to use a stud finder (available at any hardware store).

2) Screws
Hanging picture frames on concrete, stone or brick walls requires the extra strength and support of screws. Screws make larger holes so you generally don't use them on a regular sheet rocked wall. In order to secure screws into brick or concrete you will need to pre-drill a hole using a mason drill bit and make the hole smaller than the size of the screw. You can also use a screw anchor to help properly secure the screw in the wall.

3) Adhesives
The third method for securing a hanging wall frame is with the use of adhesives. They are simple and quick and don't require any holes in the wall. Adhesives, like 3M's Command Strips, are becoming increasingly more popular and are available in hooks or velcro. Always read the instructions carefully as the weight limitations and instructions must be closely followed. Hanging small photo frames with adhesives works best, but some adhesives will hold up to 5 pounds. If the picture is too heavy for the adhesive to hold, you could damage your picture so use with caution.

Once you've decided how you'll hang your wall frames, you now have to decide where your picture frames will be hung.

Tips for Hanging Wall Picture Frames

When hanging your picture frames on the wall, it is best have someone help you with this step. You can have them hold the frame at different positions on the wall so you can find the perfect spot. If you're not sure of how high to hang your picture frame, you generally want to hang it around eye level or about 3/4 of the way up the wall.

If you're hanging multiple wall picture frames, it's best to decide upon the spacing of each frame before you start hanging them on the wall. Hanging multiple picture frames can be challenging so to make your wall arrangement look good, you should arrange the frames on the floor until you like how it looks. For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the wall area where the picture frames will hang.
  2. Use a string to outline the measured wall space on the floor.
  3. Carefully place your frames on the floor (on top of a blanket or towel if there's no carpet) and arrange them until you're satisfied.
  4. Once you have the right placement on the wall then transfer this placement on the wall. If possible, have someone help you as it will be easier with two people. If you have an empty wall with no other objects on the wall, start in the center of your arrangement and work outwards. If you have other items on the wall and have a limited space, then you should start on one side and carefully work to the other end using the measurements from your floor arrangement.
  5. Before placing the nail or screw, check the back of the frame and see where the hanger is placed so you don't make your frame higher or lower than you expect. And if you want to be sure your frames are straight, use a small level to double check.

Now with your new found knowledge of hanging picture frames, hopefully this will make the whole process a lot easier and prevent you from making a bunch of unnecessary holes.

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