2010 BET Cypher Reema Major Drops I Am Legend Mixtape! Includes Singles "Ghetto Kids" and "Father"

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"From the moment I met her I knew she was destined to be a star." 

-Kwajo "Cinqo" Boateng, President G7 Records

Destined for Greatness

While some may say experience comes with age, real life experiences have allowed the self-acclaimed "Mother of the New School Era" Reema Major, to be a product of experience rather than of age. Returning with her third mixtape I Am Legend following the release of 15 Going on 25, Reema is on the heights to becoming an industry major. After sparking chords with music mogul Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist of legendary rock band KISS, one would believe Reema had reached her plateau, but this is just the beginning of the career of a girl who has received an overwhelming response from listeners and media. 

"Two days ago, I was in Toronto doing promotion and media for our first signing, THE ENVY…and, well… I was awe struck. I've been around the music industry for 37 years. There is a phrase - maybe you've heard it…'EITHER YOU'VE GOT IT… OR YOU DON'T.' And Reema Major has 'It'." -Gene Simmons

Raw Essence 

For Reema, who is signed and supported by a team of lead industry giants in a rare record label joint venture with Universal Music Canada and Interscope Records(2010), I Am Legend already has heads bobbing as Major's dynamic sound and strong lyrical presence intertwine with the luminous beats laced on each track. All ears are mesmerized from start to finish since Reema holds no punches. Singles "Ghetto Kids" and "Father"uncover the authentic realities of the "Illest Kid", whose experiences precede her age. Alongside being signed by President of G7 Records Kwajo "Cinqo" Boateng, Executive Producer of I Am Legend and member of legendary Canadian hip-hop group Ghetto Concept, Reema's mixtape has definitely set center stage with all sixteen tracks skillfully crafted by the young lyricist. 

The Illest Kid

Following her freestyle and performance with Ghetto Concept at CBC's 2011 Hip-Hop Summit; Reema has not shied from living up to legendary standards. 2011 has kept her on queue, shooting videos for I Am Legend singles "Ghetto Kids" and "Father", as well as JJMoney's "Swaggberry". Additionally, Reema has graced the pages of Northstar's Billboard Magazine, and you can be sure to spot her appearance at the 2011 BET Awards, in addition to seeing her take the role as the official spokesperson of iSkin's The Cool in Youcontest. Prepare to see Reema live in concert this year with renowned Canadian hip-hop artist and five-time Juno Award winner K-Os.

"I want to be remembered as one of the best female rappers ever." -Reema Major

I Am Legend is now available online: 

www.reemamajor.com l www.itunes.com/reemamajor

PRESS: I Am Legend

"She's awesome! Honestly, we've shot so many videos and she's the youngest artist we've worked with, and hands down the most professional." -Tom, Reel Wolf Productions


reemamajor.com | myspace.com/reemaonline | facebook.com/reemamajor | youtube.com/reemamajortv 


FOR ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES CONTACT KEZIAH MYERS | info@g7records.com | 647.403.5399. Send through album review, interview, or content requests - she'd love to hear from you.

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