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Okay, you have this super cute child whom everyone is forced to hug and cuddle just because oh-he's-cho-chweet and you're wondering if he might be the next generation hero material!
Megaupload search engine is like any other major search engine similar to that most people use like Google or Yahoo search. It can be termed as a smaller version of it.
You may or may not be aware of the term Mega upload. If you know then well and good, if not then read this article for a complete guide.
In February of 2010, on a small island in the Bay of Bengal, a language went extinct. Boa Sr, an 80-year old native of the Andaman Islands, was the last fluent speaker of Aka-Bo1. When she passed away, a culture recorded in her mother tongue died with her. The songs, stories and wisdom of her people are no longer part of our world.
Collection of Sonakshi Sinha wallpapers, An Indian Model and Actress.
Disney stories have captured our imaginations for years. Here are some fun trivia facts about Disney’s most popular princesses.
A romantic comedy centered on a guy and a girl trying to keep their love alive as they commute between New York and San Francisco to see one another.
Red is the latest action movie of 2010 directed by Robert Schwentke.The movie is rated PG-13 having sequence of violence and brief strong language.
This is a brief review of Devil movie 2010.Devil 2010 is latest horror movie of 2010
When the stars hit the red carpet for the Mother And Child premiere in Hollywood on April 19, they may as well have been hitting the runway. For better or worse, stars like Amanda Seyfried and Kerry Washington made a definite splash with their wardrobe choices. From the beautiful dresses to the amazing shoes, the fashion was as much of a draw as the film at this premiere.