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If you love movies, then you know full well that any of the TV providers has virtually the same packages available.
In this fast moving world people are so busy that they cannot find time for their families and even for themselves.
This poem is about that situation and time after situation when a family's son get parted the wealth and becomes opposite to each other and their love comes to end for each other...
The mind of a suicide bomber. What do they think about when they kill lives of others and themselves?
It's a poem on my best friend which shows all her qualities and character. My friend is a kind hearted, loving person. She is good looking from internal and external perspectives.
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President Kennedy, the romantic hero of the American nation in the twentieth century while Marilyn Monroe, the blond Hollywood actress, was in every man’s dream was in news when they were in affair with one another.
Astrology advice is recognized as the first born of sciences for this country, that experiments the impact in the planetary positions and movements on our lives.
Astrology advice is regarded as the eldest of all sciences for this world, which often research the results with the planetary positions as well as motions on our way of life.