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I post an article a day and I write one article a day as well. I don't write my articles in a rush. In fact I have a buffer of 14 articles for 14 days. In the first place I don't want to be under undue pressure to write in a hurry. I also need to cover the days that I can't write.
The subject you are going to write about is very closely linked to your title. And the title is going to decide the fate of your excellent article - get noticed or get ignored.
I have written close to 300 articles for the last 10 months at one article a day. How do I get the creative juice flowing? I would like to share with you my secrets:
A flyer is a piece of advertisement. You either advertise for your products or your services. It is a brilliantly conceived and well-thought-out copy to give maximum impact.
When you syndicate your articles to article directories you benefit by. Here are some article directories that I normally submit my articles.
Some people consider internet marketing the Holy Grail of making money online. They think that they need to spend loads of money to get traffic to their site. Internet marketing is not only about bringing traffic to a website, it's about generating traffic, making them stay at your site and converting them into buyers or action takers. Good Customer Service and user-interaction elements on your site are also a part of the internet marketing plan.
Like every other marketing strategy, article marketing needs considerate attention and dedicated time. Most people write articles and use software to submit the article to every article marketing directory on the planet. That's how they think they can gain exposure. Well, people like to read exclusive stuff and that's the prime reason why they search it on Google.
You may be writing and submitting articles and not feeling it's successful. Take it from a pro who has walked this talk for six years successfully. When you look at simple mistakes you are making, you can also solve them with just a little tweaking.
You have created a website; you are offering a unique product/service. Now you need to drive traffic to your website. One of the most inexpensive ways to drive traffic to your site is article marketing. If you're writing your own articles, article marketing won't cost you a dime. However, you need to know how to write and present information if you want to be a successful article marketer.
You probably know the fact that search engines look favorably upon article directories as a great source of quality content. This is partially true because it all depends on the popularity of the article directory and its editorship.